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How to - Bizhub Copier - Enable Account Tracking

  • After the device drivers have been installed, create a new document in an application (MS Word, Pages, etc.).
  • Type in some text and go to Print (⌘+P) dialog.
    • Print-Menu.png
  • Click the drop-down menu containing 'Copies & Pages' and select 'Output Method.'
    • Output-Method.png

  • Click the Detail Settings... button.
    • Details-Button.png

  • First, you need to tell the driver that the system is using Account Tracking, click/expand the Administrator Settings.
    • Detail-Settings.png

  • Click the Settings....
  • Change Account Tracking to 'ON' or place a check in the 'Account Tracking' checkbox (depending on driver/OS X version).
    • Admin-Settings.png
  • Click OK to bring you back to the Detail Settings menu.
    • OK.png
  • Click OK to bring you back to the Print menu.
    • OK.png
  • Click Print to bring up the pop-up menu and complete the test.
    • Print.png
  • You should see the following:
    • Print_Pop-up.png
  • Now (depending on driver/OS X version) enter as much information as you are able:
    • Department Name: <your department>
    • Password: <your account tracking password>
    • NOTE: the account tracking password is not available for saving on all versions of the Konica Minolta printer driver/OS X version
    • Account-Track-Pop-Up.png
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