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What to expect during data backup

Data backup is a multi-step process. Outlined below is a common approach. Depending on the exact situation, this outline may vary.  

It is not uncommon for the entire process can take a few days to complete.  Sometimes complications can require the process to take longer.  It will be required for the user to reconfigure and setup applications as they were previously on the computer.  Example, if you have created subfolders in your email, this organization will need to be recreated by you after the backup process is complete. There may be practical limitations on what we can assist with.  

1st.  The user’s folder and all of its subdirectories will be backed up exactly as they are found.  Any known malware will be filtered out and will not be copied over. One copy will be archived for six months.

2nd.  The data will be copied back to a working location.  We will be required to be log in on your user account!  The reason for this relates to the security of the Operating System.

3rd.  Still logged under your login, data can be manually moved back to the respective locations it once resided in.

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