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In some cases, due to network connection or routing through the network to the Internet, you may run into issues with MS Outlook 2013 going 'offline' and not automatically connecting - causing a backup of unsent/unreceived messages.  In some cases, the following settings change may help.

  • Start MS Outlook client.
  • Click File as we navigate to our Options.
    • file.png
  • Click Options from the File menu.
    • options.png
  • Select Advanced to open up the Advanced options.
    • advanced.png
  • This will open the Advanced windows, scroll down and click the Send/Receive... button just beneath the 'Send and receive' Advanced option.
    • send-receive-button.png
    • adv-options-send-receive.png
  • Adjust the following to match the settings below, within the Send/Receive... options menu:
    • Under "Setting for group 'All Accounts'":
      • Set Schedule an automatic send/receive every: 5 minutes
    • Under "When Outlook is Offline":
      • Check the box Schedule an automatic send/receive every
      • Set Schedule an automatic send/receive every: 5 minutes
    • Click Close button.
    • settings-to-change.png